Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What They Don't Tell You About Having Babies, Part 2

You will never get to eat a hot meal. Ever.

If you do eat a hot meal, you will spend a good part of it sniffing your baby's butt for signs of poo.  You will do this as you're chewing your food.

You will discover that you are capable of more love and compassion than you ever imagined.
If you grow your nails too long, you will get poop under them.

After labor, your hoo-hah will hurt. A lot. And you will be thankful for the ice packs the nurses make you bring home from the hospital.  

Your linea nigra will stick around longer than you imagined it would, and you'll feel a little sad when it starts to fade.

There will be days when it seems impossible...insurmountable, even. But somehow, you find the strength to do it.