Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ice, Elevate, Wrap, Repeat

That's been my weekend in a nutshell. The foot, much to my dismay, is not any better than it was on Friday. It's not worse, either. Just consistently painful.

There are good and bad things about being housebound.

Good things: 1. It's kind of relaxing. 2. It's a good excuse to order lots of takeout 3. I got to finish reading Julie and Julia (I would link to it if I could figure out HOW) 4. I have mastered the fine art of Ace Bandage application 5. I don't feel guilty about not exercising b/c I am physically unable to exercise.

Bad things: 1. It gives me lots of time to think about all of the wedding plans we haven't made yet, like a) Finalzing the guest list b) Finding and officiant (is that a word?) c) Renting tents, tables, chairs, silverware, glassware, etc. d) Choosing a music option e) Planning a menu f) You get it--there's a lot we haven't done. But since spiceboy is still out of of town for an indeterminate period of time to conduct his spice business, and since I'm housebound and can't get to the store to buy a copy of Emily Post or Martha Stewart, I'll just continue ignoring it. 2. It gives me plenty of time to realize everything that is wrong with the organization of this apartment 3. For example: a)The bookshelves are a disshelved, unalphabetized mess b)there are useless receipts and papers littering every clean surface of the computer desk and bedroom dressers (spiceboy!) c) There are dust motes the size of grizzly bears under our bed d)our "kitchen" shelves are a total waste of space

And in a 350 sq foot apartment, you can't afford to waste space.

Then there's the hair debacle. On Friday night, I stopped at the neighborhood Walgreen's to stock up on water, ace bandages, and other supplies to get me through the weekend. While I was there, I picked up a box of hair color. But the lovely folks at Nice N' Easy have discontinued my color, so I felt forced to make a snap decision and pick a different color.

I should have just left it for another day.

My once natural-looking auburn hair is now an alarming shade of deep cherry red. It's garish and kind of crazy looking. So if you happen to be on the UES (Upper East Side) and see a girl with unnaturally red hair hobbling down Second Avenue, it's probably me. Feel free to make fun.

I'm off to alphabetize the bookshelves.


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