Friday, October 21, 2005

Update: on the state of the spiceboy, on the state of my foot, on the state of my bowels, and on the state of our wedding plans (or lack thereof)

On spiceboy

spiceboy, much to my relief, is not dead in a ditch after a horrible drunk driving accident. Like the responsible lad he is, he got a friend to drive him home, where he promptly passed on w/ his phone on vibrate, thus unable to hear my frantic and repetitious calls. He is fine, except for a huge hangover, and will return to New York tomorrow afternoon.

I need to relax a little bit. I understand this.

On the state of my foot

The good news: I am no longer wearing the evil smelly cast
The bad news: I have a torn tendon in the bottom of my foot and must attend physical therapy.
More bad news: I must continue wearing my ugly sneakers indefinitely, which is putting a serious cramp in my style.

On the state of my bowels

I ate a nutrient-rich lunch of organic veggies and soup.

It didn’t help.

On the state of our wedding plans

We haven’t decided much, except:

1. We must cut down our guest list or I’m going to have a heart attack
2. We will have lovely, girly cupcakes in lieu of a wedding cake
3. Since Magnolia doesn’t ship, the cupcakes will be lovingly prepared by my mother and her sister.

So, that leaves us with...a billion things still on our “to-do” list.

So I will spend the majority of my Friday night watching the WB, drinking red wine, and testing cupcake recipes in the 3 sq ft kitchen that occupies the northwestern corner of our lovely 350 sq ft apartment.


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