Thursday, September 07, 2006

As Usual

Last night, I walked home from work, as usual.

I walked up the four flights of steps in our building, as usual.

I opened our door. The TV was on. spiceboy was in the kitchen making dinner,which smelled like garlic and ginger and chili.

Betty was looking up at me and wagging her tail.

I dropped my bags and kissed my husband, petted my puppy.

We ate dinner and shared a beer. The voices of children playing on the street outside carried up to our window, and the air blowing in through the screen was warm.

I did the dishes and spiceboy checked baseball scores on the computer. We watched some TV, then turned it off and laid on the couch, talking about what might become of us in the future.

We shared a piece of chocolate, and not long after that, we went to sleep.

That's it. Sometimes life is not exciting or funny or romantic. Sometimes life is just normal.

Here's to normal. Happy Thursday.