Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pregnancy by the Numbers

Number of days I was on bed rest: 78

Number of days I’ve been off of bed rest: 26

Number of days various doctors have been telling me I’m going to have a baby “within the next 24-48 hours”: 21

Number of bottles of hot sauce I’ve consumed throughout this pregnancy: 3.5

Number of days since I’ve stopped working: 3

Number of books I’ve read for pleasure since I’ve stopped working: 3

Number of peach tarts I have made with peaches from the greenmarket: 2

Number of times I’ve eaten pork products in the last week: 5 (that I remember)

Number of times while writing this post that Spicebaby has kicked me in the ribs: 8

Number of pounds Spicebaby weighs: 7

Number of ounces Spicebaby weighs: 9

Number of days until my due date (not counting today): 4