Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Really A Retraction...

Some of you may recall this post, in which I spoke ill of the Boppy--the current "must have item" the childcare establishment is telling newly minted moms we can't live without.

Through a twist of sweet n' sour irony, I wound up getting a Boppy as a gift--all cutesy and pink-flowered. And in those first dark and swirling days of motherhood, desperate to make breast feeding go more smoothly, I unearthed the much-scorned Boppy from my miniscule bedroom closet and attempted to use it.

I could lie to you here but I won't: even in my sleep-deprived and tormented state over whether I would ever be able to properly nourish my child, I'm still self-involved enough that as I situated the Boppy on my lap and lifted my sweet newborn to my breast,  I feared I would have to write a retraction of the Boppy post on my blog, should the Boppy prove to be even the slightest bit useful.  

I needn't have worried. After several days of Boppy feedings, I was left with nothing more than a sore back and resentment that I have a large pink pillow with a ridiculous name taking up space in my tiny apartment. So I flung the useless Boppy onto the couch in a fit of despair and there it stayed.  

Every time I passed by the Boppy, I scowled at it and envisioned climbing out onto the fire escape and hurling it over the railing and laughing as it disappeared into the glittering Manhattan afternoon.  

And then came a turn of events,  which forces me to keep the frigging Boppy in my life just a little while longer and to admit that it is, in fact, slightly useful.  

I will never have fond feelings for the Boppy.  Betty, on the other hand, absolutely adores it: