Friday, August 22, 2008


Scary:  The labor pains are coming so hard you feel as though you're about to turn inside out.

Sweet: The awe in your husband's voice when he sees his daughter for the first time.

Scary: They hand the baby to you, all wriggly and wet and new, and she begins to scream.

Sweet: They bring your daughter in from the nursery, all bathed and swaddled and warm as a loaf of fresh bread. 

Scary: She begins to scream.

Sweet: Her first smile.

Scary: Her screaming.

Sweet: Your second night at home, you play her the song you've sung to her throughout the pregnancy--Glow  Worm by the Mills Brothers. She smiles and wriggles in response.

Scary: She starts screaming again.

Sweet: She conks out after a feeding, her lips glossed and milky, and you manage to swaddle her and get her down for a nap without waking her up, and in sleep, she's like an angel.