Friday, October 03, 2008

East End Girl

As I have not been off of the isle of Manhattan since going on bed rest in April and I still have some sand left in my maternity leave hourglass, Spiceboy and I are packing up the baby and dog and going to play house in the East End of Pittsburgh for a little while.

There, we will traverse the rusty bridges and steep hillsides of Pittsburgh to visit with family and friends, and no doubt partake in numerous breakfasts at Pamela's, and a cupcake or two from Dozen. We will attempt to navigate Alice's stroller along the bumpy Squirrel Hill sidewalks, and perhaps, one night when the grandparents are babysitting, we will sneak off to the The Cage and have a beer for old time's sake.

We will spend time at Spiceboy's yummy restaurant, Spice World, where I will sit at table C4 with my daughter and whisper to her, "I met your dad at this very table," to which she will cross her eyes and blow spit bubbles in acknowledgement of such an important event.