Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Wedding Plans: A Brief History

On a magical New Year's Eve high above a glittering non-New York City where two rivers converge into one, a simple and timeless question was asked, an answer was given, a sparkling ring was placed on a trembling finger, and eastsidegirl and spiceboy became engaged, thus beginning a new phase in their eight years of knowing one another and four years of being in love. There followed champagne toasts with friends, hugs with family, and excited phone calls to loved ones far away.

Then came the inevitable questions:

When? Where? How?

Both eastsidegirl and spiceboy wanted something simple, easy, and fun. Thailand in Janaury 2006, they decided, with only a handful of friends and immediate family. Parfait. They would do it at sundown, on a beach, in their bare feet. No big reception. No fluffy white dress, hideous ice sculptures, bad food, or unmanagable guest lists. No muss, no fuss.

So innocent were they!

Fast forward 8 months. The couple has unexpectedly relcoated from their spacious apartment near Boston Common to a closet on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in order to accomodate eastside girl's burgeoning "career." The wedding is still on, and Thailand is but a faraway memory. A space for the wedding and reception has been reserved for June 3, 2006 in the city where two rivers converge into one. The guest list is 130 people and growing. A photographer has been commissioned, and a wedding dress has been purchased. The blessed couple, who once enjoyed debating world issues and events, now finds themselves debating cupcakes vs. wedding cakes, dj's vs. live bands, orchids vs. wheatgrass for the table arrangements, and whether or not they should even bother registering for gifts. spiceboy doesn't want to talk about invitations until the table arrangements have been nailed down. eastsidegirl is threatening to elope should the guest list exceed 150 people.

In short, it's a full-on wedding. The happy couple lives 400 miles from the wedding venue. eastsidegirl has just started a brand new job, spiceboy is often away on spice business, and they are both master procrastinators.

Can they survive?


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