Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Who Smells Bad? I Smell Bad.

So yesterday I went to see my dermatologist, who prescribed me a new face wash and cream that’s supposed to reduce redness.

I was so excited to get up and use it this morning—sure that we I would see less “rose” in my rosey cheeks immediately.

Well, it doesn’t work that fast. And you know what else?

The face wash is sulfur-based.

Which means it smells like rotten eggs.

Which means that I smell like rotten eggs.

Even after re-washing w/ my normal face wash and applying liberal amounts of face cream and liberal sprays of vanilla scented perfume, I still smell like rotten eggs.



Blogger Patrick D. said...

Well, to counter that, every time you enter a room, just wave your hand and yell 'Oh my god...who farted?" Then blame will be placed elsewhere with none the wiser.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's so crappy! My favorite skin stuff from Sephora is sulfur based too... I feel your pain!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Robyn said...


Or. Um. Doctors who prescribe sulfur-based creams suck! :(

12:22 AM  
Blogger 000 said...

I just went and bought an at home Microderm Abrasion kit. Never have I been so excited in my life!

But mine didn't smell like rotten eggs. You're probably the only one who can smell it. And when you stop smelling it, that's when you need to worry!

11:08 AM  
Anonymous DiWriter said...

Hi eastsidegirl! I'm a long-time reader of Erin's. Never met her, but that's beside the point.

Nice blog. I'm a publishing industry vet. 3 years in children's at Penguin and then a year in international rights at Scholastic. Now I work in higher ed. Different kind of crazy.

I think I used the same facial cleanser. I couldn't take the smell. Have you tried any of the new Eucerin line. Once you get past the fact that it's green - and therefore supposed to counter the redness, it's nice stuff. Doesn't smell.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Jae Faddis said...

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2:20 PM  

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