Wednesday, June 25, 2008

R & R

Yesterday I hauled my big belly down to St. Vincent’s for Spicebaby’s 32 week ultrasound. I've been dreading this appointment, as every time I go see the ultrasound doctor, I seem to wind getting admitted to the hospital. And as you know, I haven’t enjoyed that very much. At all.

But luck is apparently shining on me at the moment. For once, my body isn't attempting to go into labor. It's just doing what normal pregnant bodies do—growing a baby.

Spicebaby is growing quite well. She’s over 4lbs now, and the ultrasound tech told us that she has hair, which absolutely thrills me. Every 10 minutes, I turn to Spiceboy and say: “Can you believe there’s a tiny hairy head floating in my belly right now? How crazy is that?”

The only glitch in yesterday’s test was that my amniotic fluid is a little on the low side, so the doc wants to keep an eye on that. He told me that in the meantime, I should take it easy—that I should rest and relax.

I’ve been on bed rest since the end of April. I’m not exactly sure how much more relaxed they expect me to be, short of strapping me to a bed and forcing me to sleep through the next two months of this pregnancy.

Oh, god, I hope that's not what they're planning for next week's visit!