Monday, July 06, 2009

19 Days

In honor of the fact that I only have 19 days left on the island of Manhattan, I will list 19 things I will NOT miss about the city:

1. Climbing 48 steps to get to my apartment. With bags of groceries. And laundry. And a baby. And a dog.

2. Carrying Alice's stroller up and down the subway steps.

3. The horrible pee/bleach smell that permeates the Canal St. station early in the morning.

4. Second Avenue subway construction.

5. Crowding into the 6 Train at rush hour.

6. The uncaring and mostly inept employees at the neighborhood Walgreen's.

7. The incredibly long lines at places like Ikea, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods. Seriously. It's not to be believed.

8. The enormous cockroaches.

9. And rats.

10. The pervy doormen who work at the next building over. Ick.

11. Not having a real oven. Or refrigerator.

12. The way our bathroom water goes from normal to hypothermia-inducing-cold to third-degree-burn-hot in under two seconds.

13. People doing the "Blackberry stop" in the middle of the sidewalk, crosswalk, etc.

14. Women who push their dogs in strollers.

15. Women who dress their dogs in Burberry. I mean, really.

16. The odd, fishy smell that emanates from the restaurant on the corner, thus prompting us to call it "The Stinky Beach."

17. Fighting for seats at the movie theater.

18. Not being able to find really obvious ingredients at the grocery store.

19. Living in 350 square feet. With a husband. And a baby. And a dog.