Saturday, April 11, 2009

All in a Saturday's Work

I chase you down; you are covered in peas, I am covered in peas. 

We roll back and forth on the bed, and you plant kisses on my cheeks, lifting your rosebud mouth to my face.

You bang the block against the bowl.

You crawl the length of the living room, crying, your pacifier clutched in your hand. 

I pick you up and you lay your damp cheek against my shoulder, stick the pacifier in your mouth. 

We sway to your lullabies. We all live in a a yellow submarine.  Your eyes grow heavy, the fringe of your lashes brushing your cheeks.  

I lean forward and kiss you. I whisper, "I love you," and your eyes flutter open for just a moment, your lips pull back in a smile, and with a sigh, you are dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.