Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yu Leng mmm Yu Meng

A Chinese saying (loosely translated) meaning: You'd rather die looking good than live looking bad.

The scene: Our favorite East Village Italian

The conversation:

spiceboy: Um, why aren't you wearing your sneakers?

me: Because my ballet flats went better with this outfit.

spiceboy: Yeah, but you're going to hurt your foot--the doctor said you
should be wearing your sneakers.

me: But they looked so ugly with this outfit!


Anonymous Quinny said...

The Italian for this is "bella figura". How do I know? Well, as you know, my wife is Italian. And I have seen this behavior--repeatedly--throughout the last 5 years.

"Amy, should I mow the front yard or the back yard first?"

"The front. Somebody might see it."

This is the most innocuous example.

4:52 PM  

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