Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where Are You, Gray V-Neck Sweater?

Right now, I'm supposed to be sitting in bed, surrounded by paper and notes, practicing presentations for a big meeting tomorrow.

But instead, I'm sitting in the middle of my apartment, staring at huge pile of all of my clothing. which I have removed piece by piece from my dressers, closets, and laundry bags.


Because I was planning to wear my charcoal gray wool skirt and charcoal gray V-neck sweater to the presentations, and I can't find the sweater.

It's not in any of my drawers. It's not in any of spiceboy's drawers. It's not in my closet. It's not in the dirty laundry or the dry cleaning piles. It's not even shoved in some remote corner or covered in dust bunnies under my bed.

My gray V-neck sweater has vanished.

I love that sweater. It looks great with the gray skirt and with my black Camper boots. It looks great when I top it off with my extra long black silk scarf. I feel confident and secure in that gray sweater. In fact, I wore that gray sweater on my first official publishing business trip to New York, so it holds special memories for me.

All week long, as I imagined myself doing these presentations, I imagined that I would be wearing the sweater.

And now the sweater is missing, it's after 10 pm, I'm not done with my presentations, and I have no outfit.

Also, have I mentioned that I am terrified of public speaking?


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