Monday, October 31, 2005

A Halloween Candy Journal

I rarely eat store-bought candy anymore, but today there was candy all over the office, and I fell off the wagon in a big way. I’ve documented my fall from grace, hour by hour, for all posterity.

For the record, I’m truly disgusted with myself right now, but also strangely satisfied--much like a child after a productive evening of trick or treating.

9:03--1 box Reece’s Pieces bits (like peanut M&M’s only even LESS healthful, if that’s possible)

9:22--1 cherry Twizzler (tastes like chemicals)

10:05--1 snack size Milky Way (Okay, 2 of them. Chocolately, creamy deliciousness! Love the fluffy nougat stuff)

10:30--1 pack of Raisinettes (too dessicated and sugary—a bit disappointing)

10:35--¾ cup Kashi organic whole wheat squares that were supposed to be my breakfast (b/c I need to eat something I feel good about today)

10:48--Grape Blow Pop (I DETEST grape, why am I eating this?????)

12:45--Halloween cupcake from Buttercup Bakery (this as research for the elusive wedding cupcake recipe)

1:22--1 snack size Butterfinger (this was thrown onto my desk by a vindictive coworker. I don’t like the way it sticks in my teeth)

1:43--1 snack size Twix (my very very very favorite candy bar. Ever. Who doesn’t love cookies, caramel, and chocolate? I ate the caramel off of it first. Then the cookie. Yum. I hope no one in the office saw me doing that.)

2:08--1 Rice Krispies Treat

3:06--1 100 Grand Bar (Not as pleasing as a Twix, but pretty nice)

4:46 --Kit Kat (Is this supposed to taste stale? It tastes stale)

Okay, I’ve fulfilled my candy quota for the next 5 years, and now I’m off to meet the lovely spiceboy to view my first Halloween parade in Manhattan. I’ll be the bloated, hyperactive girl on the sidelines with chocolate on her face, unnaturally red hair (not a costume, unfortunately), and a gimpy foot (I re-injured it over the weekend).

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous drea said...

you reinjured your foot? shame on you! I have to say that i respect your documentation of your candy. I didn't keep track and am in denial about what i've eaten. but you made your consumption fun and productive, as you're properly entertaining your blog readers...

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

At least it was only one day. Our receptionist keeps a gigantic bowl of candy on her desk year round, varying the selection only by the type of chocolate offered. I think she's caught on to the fact that I am unnaturally friendly on Rollo days and now glares at me whenever she sees me coming her way.

7:58 PM  

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