Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just completed an exercise in which I wrote a letter to my current self from my 94 year old granny self. I have to be honest; I didn't think the exercise was going to work. But it did work--in a big way. It was neat to sit down with myself like that, and I have Elizabeth to thank for it. If you're in New York and you're interested in writing, you should go talk to her, and take a class with her (Elizabeth, not my 94 year old Granny self) because she's awesome.

I wasn't surprised by some of the things my 94 year old self had to say to me, and I was greatly surprised by others.

She said: Things, my dear, are both more and less complicated than you imagine them to be.

She told me to be grateful.

She told me to always, always strive to tell the truth.

She told me to take care of other women, because we're not going to get anywhere if we're not taking care of one another.

And then she told me that I should really learn how to roast a chicken.

Happy Saturday.