Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Trickiness of March

You wake up and you can hear the birds outside and the weather forecast is warm and the sun is so bright that you can't contain yourself--you bound down the steps in your sneakers and your sweatshirt and leave your hat and scarf and gloves inside, where they belong. You burst out onto the sidewalk and lift your face to the sky and feel the sun's warmth on your cheeks.

"Ahhh," you think.

But in the breeze you can still feel the icy fingers of winter caressing your neck. And you walk toward the corner and step into the shadows while waiting at the red light and suddenly your fingers are quite numb and you wish you had your gloves and when you look to the sky the clouds have passed over the sun and everything that seemed bright with promise a few moments ago is drab and gray.

Should you go back and get your hat and gloves, or trust that the sun will appear again to warm you?

That is the trickiness of March.