Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pregnancy Glow? Not So Much.

Full disclosure: I'm not a very perky pregnant lady.

Before I got pregnant, I had these fantasies of being a glowing, energetic, healthy, Zen-like pregnant woman, gliding down the streets of Manhattan in my cute maternity dresses, flaunting my clear, glowing skin and shiny hair.

But most days, I feel less like I’m pregnant and more like I’m suffering from some sort of weird, debilitating ailment that’s making me fat, sleepy, and pimply. As a result, I've felt pretty detached from the pregnancy process. It's more like I'm part of some bizzarre science experiement than someone who will become a mother in less than 6 months.

But then my mom sends me packages containing tiny little baby booties that she crocheted for me.

Or Spiceboy puts his face to my belly and says, “Hi, baby. How are you? What are you doing in there? I can’t wait to meet you.”

And in these moments, the pregnancy starts to feel real.