Friday, March 07, 2008

Cravings, Part Deux

So this week, everyone has been asking me if I'm ravenously hungry all the time, as apparently this is one of the many symptoms of the lovely 2nd trimester of this wondrous human science experiment known as pregnancy.

Well, I've just hit week 17, and let me tell you: I'm hungry as hell.

I've read accounts from women who said that when they got pregnant, their bodies craved healthy food like brown rice and vegetables.

I have to ask: who the hell are these women? Because the last thing I want is brown rice.

Ten minutes ago, the only thing in the world I wanted was ice cream. So I got some. And now I'm sitting here eating it, and it tastes good. But as soon as I took my first bite, I realized that what I really wanted was...

An egg roll!

Happy Friday!