Friday, November 11, 2005

Wedding Worry # 71: It's 203 Days Until the Wedding and We Have No Caterer

When spiceboy and I started down the blissful path to matrimony, I was thrilled at his level of involvement with the wedding. He had ideas about the venue, about the theme, about the decorations, and of course, about the food. What girl wouldn't be thrilled that her husband to be is taking such an active role in the wedding planning process, right? Right.

So we agreed on taking charge of certain things. I'm in charge of invitations, desserts, picking my dress, choosing the flowers, etc.

spiceboy is in charge of the "concept" of the wedding, the venue, and the food. Spiceboy wants us to have a Southeast Asian food theme. I think that’s fantastic. For months, I asked spiceboy about the caterer details. He told me he knows a woman who does an amazing job and that she said she would be happy to do the wedding. I don’t even know her name—he has always referred to as simply “The Thai Lady.” Great.

For the next several months, I asked spiceboy if we could set up an appointment to meet with The Thai Lady when we are home for Thanksgiving. For months, he's said, "Sure," like it was absolutely no problem.

This week, spiceboy is away on spicebusiness in our hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which just happens to be where the blessed nuptials will take place, and where The Thai Lady who is supposedly our caterer has her business.

So two days ago, I asked spiceboy if he would please call The Thai Lady and see if we can set a date and time to meet while we're home for Thanksgiving to start planning the menu. He said, “Sure, but first I have to make sure she’s actually free on the day of our wedding.”

I said, “You told me months ago that she was!”
He said, “Well, um…”


That is just not what I wanted to hear.

Yesterday morning, before heading off for a long and grueling day of presentations (which went well, despite my wardrobe malfunction of the night before) I called spiceboy and said, “If you do nothing else today, please make sure to call the caterer. Please.”

spiceboy said, “Sure.”

Do we have an appointment with the caterer yet? Do we even have a caterer? Will we ever have a caterer? I haven’t heard a peep from spiceboy.

spiceboy, you are a lovely and charming man. That is why I want to marry you. And on the day I marry you, I want to be able to eat yummy Southeast Asian food.

Please, for the love of God, set my mind at ease and call The Thai Lady. Please.


Blogger 000 said...

Good to hear your presentations went well! I am waiting with baited breath to hear whether or not spiceboy has come through!

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Rosie said...

Just have pizza!!!

12:48 PM  
Anonymous spiceboy said...

The Thai Lady has been strickened with a bout of the flu (no, it's not that FLU). When she is removed from quarantine, I will contact her again.

12:53 PM  

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