Sunday, April 30, 2006

Four Years: Part One

Four years ago today, I moved from Pittsburgh to Boston so I could pursue my career in publishing.

spiceboy could not move with me, as he had to take care of his lovely and very busy resaurant, Spice World.

Making the decision to leave was not an easy one, but I knew I had to give it a shot, or I would spend the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like.

From the beginning, spiceboy never discouraged me or questioned my decision, though I'm sure he had his concerns.

Just go, he said. I know you'll be great, and we'll figure the rest of it out eventually.

Saying goodbye to him on the morning I left was awful in just the way you'd imagine leaving someone you love is awful--tears, hugs, fear, uncertainty, etc. I remember that it was very rainy, and that we kissed goodbye on the tiny front porch of our apartment on Forbes Avenue. And then I walked to my car and I climbed inside. spiceboy stood in the doorway of our apartment, looking out through the screen. And I took once last look--at him, at our apartment, at the street that I'd come to think of as our street. I looked at it all very hard, so I wouldn't forget my life there.

Then I turned the key in the ignition, put the car in gear, and drove away.

I didn't know if what I was about to do was worth the price of what I was giving up: a great guy, a comfortable life, family, friends, and stability.

I only knew one thing: I was never so frighened in all of my life.


Anonymous John said...

Don't get too nervous about the wedding. It'll be fine I'm sure. Will it be a big traditional wedding at Saint Pats or a smallish private one? As for the Apt 350 sqft is very small.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Me said...


7:04 PM  
Anonymous Meredith said...

D, it's 8:14 in the morning, I'm in my cube, and I have tears in my eyes. Damn you ; )

8:18 AM  
Blogger Kitty said...

Happy Anniversary, you! Are you looking back on that moment and thinking to yourself: I made it, we made it? Because you did. You are going to have such a beautiful life!

p.s.--Boston misses you! I was walking around the back bay this weekend and it told me so...

12:48 PM  
Anonymous john said...

When I lived in Manhattan (1989) my friends and I would DEVOUR sesame cold noodles at this little upper east side restaurant. That place is since torn down. Are there any places around E83rd(&1st Ave) that are serving amazing sesame cold noodles these days?

8:42 PM  
Blogger CageQueen said...

This inspired me in so many ways!

11:52 AM  
Anonymous john said...

Well....sesame cold noodles can be really inspirational.

6:52 PM  

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