Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I just got a call from Dear Friend ABS, who is a loyal friend to spiceboy and myself. He is also the best Brooklyn tour guide ever, and on a recent tour, he bought me my first COFFEE MONKEY, for which I am forever grateful.

He is also a loyal blog reader.

He is also a major music buff.

He called to inform me that when Johnny Cash sang "it's good to touch the green green grass of home" he wasn't singing a heartfelt tune about the concept of home and family and comfort.

No. Apparently, Johnny Cash was singing about coming home to die.

As an editor, you'd think that my oh-so-sharp reading/listening comprehension skills would have caught such an important detail.

Not to mention the fact that I received a Johnny Cash boxed set for Christmas and I've been listening to it obsessively for the last nine days.

Or the fact that, while on a cross-country road trip several years ago, I listened to the Live From Folsom Prison CD constantly.

And yet despite my profession and frequent exposure to this song, this small detail about coming home to die managed to slip past me.

I thought he was just singing about coming home from war or rehab or something.


So, to clarify--I'm not coming home to die. Just coming home.

And I'm damn glad to be here.