Monday, May 08, 2006

You Know That Awful Feeling...

...when you're expecting an email, but it's not necessarily an email you want to get?

But you know it's coming and you have to read it and once you read it, you will have to deal with it, even though it will not be pleasant? And you try not to think about it, but you do think about it, and every time you think about it, you get a feeling of dread deep in the pit of your stomach?

And so you pace around the apartment and you eat some rather pretentious-but-yummy truffled goat cheese and you watch The Food Network and you eat some more truffled goat cheese and then you watch a rerun of Friends that you've seen at least 6 times before, and then you decide that the truffled goat cheese you've been eating would be really good and perhaps even more pretentious with some crusty French bread, so you whip out a baguette and before you know it, you've eaten 3/4 of a baguette and nearly all of the truffled goat cheese that you bought only yesterday, knowing full well that normal adults who purchase luxuries like truffled goat cheese do not slump around their 350 sq ft apartments and eat it all in one sitting whilst awaiting a dreaded email.

And even after all of this, the email still hasn't arrived, and so finally you get into bed with a book and you try to forget about the email but even as you try to put it out of your mind, you still feel all twitchy and anxious in your stomach, not unlike the feeling you get when you go to the dentist to get a cavity drilled.

Or maybe that feeling is just from all of the goat cheese and bread you ate earlier.

So anyway, do you?

Do you ever get that awful feeling when you're expecting an email, but it's not necessarily an email you want to get?



Maybe it's just me.

Thank you and good night.